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Brand : RSI

Hsn Code : 3926

Model No. : PTSPRH50MM

Reflection : PVC Reflectors

Color : yellow and black

Capacity : 15-40 tons

Weight : 2.8 kg

Material : Plastic

Others : Concrete filled PVC Hump can withstand 30-40 Ton Capacity

Price updated : for 1 Meter

Dimension : 250x350x50MM x 4 Nos

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Product Details:

Plastic Speed Breaker 50MM 

Speed humps, sometimes called road humps or undulations, are used for 10–15 kmp speed zones. They’re often seen on local streets or connector roads where traffic needs to flow smoothly but excessive speed will endanger pedestrians. Playground and school zones often use these in traffic management.
Comparing Speed Bumps vs. Speed Humps

Road Speed Bumps
Speed bumps are more commonly used in parking lots and driveways that are shared equally by both vehicles and pedestrians. The idea is to slow down traffic enough so that pedestrians and drivers have enough time to react to one another. Speed bumps are typically more rounded and higher up off the surface of the ground, forcing drivers to slow down or risk damaging the bottom of their vehicles. This design is done on purpose so that drivers have a greater incentive to slow down in heavily populated areas.

Road Speed Humps
Speed humps, on the other hand, are generally more modular in design, which means they can be taken apart or removed from the surface of the road as needed for repairs or redesign and then reinstalled. They also cover the entire width of the road from one curve edge to another. Speed humps are typically installed on residential roads that have lower speed limits but still have a steady flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic. The idea is to reduce speed, control the flow of traffic, and diminish noise pollution in quiet neighbourhoods. Since speed humps are much lower to the ground than their taller counterparts, they have a lesser impact on vehicles and a much smoother jolt.

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